Cabin Terms and Conditions of Hire


All terms are per week for a Cabin as equipped and described. During peak season, bookings are only accepted for Saturday to Saturday.

Booking Confirmation

The submission of the completed booking form shall constitute an offer by the Client and a contract shall come into existence when Hunters Cabins accept the booking in writing.

Booking Deposit

When you book, 25% deposit which is part-payment towards the cost of your accommodation, should be included with your completed booking form.

Booking Cancellation

If you are compelled to cancel your holiday, you must notify us immediately by e-mail, or in writing by 1st. class mail. We will then endeavour to relet on your behalf. If we are successful in releting. We will refund your booking deposit less a fee to cover all reasonable administrative costs incurred by us a a direct result of the cancellation. If we don't relet, then you will be held responsible for a prompt payment of the full balance of hire due on the accommodation you booked. Cancellation insurance may cover you for all or part of these liabilities, and a leaflet can be sent on request. Hunters Cabins may cancel the booking at any time upon giving you 21 days notice in writing notifying you of the reasons for cancellation, in that event all monies paid by you will be refunded in full.


Bookings from persons under 18 cannot normally be accepted.

Linen, Towels

Bed linen and one towel per person are provided. Soap is not normally provided.

Cabin Availability

The booking is made on the understanding that the accommodation will be placed at your disposal on the date stated. Should this not be possible through circumstances not under the control of the owners, i.e. fire, theft or damage, although we will endeavour to we cannot guarantee to provide alternative accommodation, and on such an occasion all monies paid by you will be repaid in full. The owners reserve the right to alter or withdraw amenities or facilities either advertised or previously available but shall inform you of any withdrawal or alteration as soon as reasonably possible Your vehicles, their accessories and contents are left at your risk and the owners will have no responsibility for loss or damage occasioned thereto except where any loss or damage is caused through the negligence of our staff.


You are asked to notify any shortcomings in your accommodation to the owners so that if at all possible it can be remedied for you. The owners shall not be responsible for any shortcomings not so notified. The owner or agent reserves the right to refuse to hand over the cabin to any person who, in their opinion, is unsuitable to take charge. In such cases, all the hire charges paid will be refunded in full and the contract will be discharged.


Due to a change in regulations introduced in March 2006, all cabins are now non-smoking.


You may bring your cat or dog to the Cabins. A nominal charge is made for this facility (see booking form) and you must declare this when making your booking. You will be required to bring your pets bedding, as pets are only allowed on the clear understanding that in no circumstances may your pet lie on the bedding or chairs or settee.

Key Collection

Details will be sent with the receipt for your deposit.

Privacy Statement

Hunters Cabins will not use any of your personal data other than to update and maintain records. Your data will not be revealed to any third parties or companies. Your Credit or Debit card details will be treated with the upmost care and attention and with your security in mind at all times. Your email address will be used for booking and enquiry correspondence only, we will not divulge it to anyone.

Email messages are not necessarily secure. Hunters Cabins are not liable for the misuse of your personal data by third parties if your details were revealed during transmission or as a result of illegal activities such as hacking

Booking and payments can be made by fax, post or over the phone (01575 573480 or mobile 07963 622849).